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Nas is a hip hop legend, and in this mixtape, it shows all of his best work as an artist hiself. it has 50 singles. i personally love nas and have been listening to him for a very lobg time, and when datpiff uploaded this mixtape i was estatic. i have this mixtape on my ipod and listen to it all the time. he is a very skilled artist and s simply a legend. i dont really like his new work, but thats how it is for most artist whove been around for a very long time. there isnt anything like old school. Nas will be remembered forever.



  • 2.NAS - REPESENTdownload
  • 3.Nas - Memory Lane (Sittin’ In Da Park)download
  • 4.NAS - THE WORLD IS YOURSdownload
  • 5.NAS - LIFES A BITCHdownload
  • 6.NAS - NY STATE OF MINDdownload
  • 8.NAS - STREET DREAMSdownload
  • 9.NAS - THE MESSAGEdownload
  • 10.NAS - NASTRADAMUSdownload
  • 11.NAS - YOU OWE MEdownload
  • 12.Nas - Made You Lookdownload
  • 13.Nas - I Candownload
  • 14.NAS - HATE ME NOWdownload
  • 15.NAS - NAS IS LIKEdownload
  • 16.NAS - MY WAYdownload
  • 17.NAS - ETHERdownload
  • 18.Nas - Got Ur Self A…download
  • 19.NAS - THIEF’S THEMEdownload
  • 20.NAS - BRIDGING THE GAPdownload
  • 21.NAS - VIRGOdownload
  • 22.NAS - JUST A MOMENTdownload
  • 23.Nas featuring Scarlett - Sekou Story (Explicit)download
  • 24.Nas - Rewinddownload
  • 25.NAS - ONE MICdownload
  • 26.NAS - WHERE ARE THEY NOWdownload
  • 27.NAS - BLACK REPUBLICANdownload
  • 28.NAS - YOU’RE DA MANdownload
  • 29.Nas - Big Thingsdownload
  • 30.NAS - RULEdownload
  • 31.Nas featuring DMX - Life Is What You Make It (featuring DMX) (Explicit)download
  • 32.2Pac, Nas, J. Phoenix - Thugz Mansiondownload
  • 33.Nas - Book Of Rhymesdownload
  • 34.NAS - HIP HOP IS DEADdownload
  • 35.NAS - GET DOWNdownload
  • 36.NAS - YOU CAN’T KILL MEdownload
  • 37.NAS - BLUNT ASHESdownload
  • 38.NAS - CAN’T FORGET ABOUT YOUdownload
  • 39.NAS - STILL DREAMINdownload
  • 40.NAS - PURPLEdownload
  • 41.NAS - WHAT IFdownload
  • 42.NAS - MY PRESIDENT IS BLACKdownload
  • 43.NAS - HEROdownload
  • 44.NAS - MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUNDdownload
  • 45.NAS - SLY FOXdownload
  • 46.NAS - FRIED CHICKENdownload
  • 47.NAS - SMALL WORLDdownload
  • 48.Nas - Play On Playadownload
  • 49.NAS - OUTROdownload

In Wiz Khalifa’s new mixtape “Yellow Starships”, Wiz really shows his commitment to the rap game. He has 41 tracks! i remember when wiz khalifa wasnt so popular and he was just a college kid who started writing, and now he is a million air, and is one of the most well known/loved mainstream artist there is today.


.Yellow Starships (feat. Rick Ross, Drake, & Cory Gunz)download

  • 2.Guilty Consciencedownload
  • 3.It’s Nothin (feat. 2 Chainz)download
  • 4.Till I Die (feat. Big Sean and Chris Brown)download
  • 5.Flatline (feat. Masspike Miles)download
  • 6.Work Hard, Play Harddownload
  • 7.Take A Plane (T.A.P.) (feat. Juicy J)download
  • 8.The Motto (feat. Juicy J Berner)download
  • 9.Purple Flowers (feat. Drake)download
  • 10.Astronautdownload
  • 11.Bombay Sippin [prod. by DJ JetFly]download
  • 12.Smokin On (feat. Snoop Dogg Juicy J)download
  • 13.Money Affiliated (feat. T.I.) [prod. by DJ JetFly/Fantastik3]download
  • 14.Moroccodownload
  • 15.Till I’m Gone Remix (feat. Tine Tempah, Jim Jones Pusha T)download
  • 16.Californiadownload
  • 17.Be My Girl (feat. K-Young)download
  • 18.Fame (feat. Amber Rose)download
  • 19.Payphone (feat. Maroon 5)download
  • 20.Horsepower (feat. 2 Chainz Big KRIT)download
  • 21.Cup (feat. Juicy J Chevy Woods)download
  • 22.Mt. Money (feat. Fashawn)download
  • 23.Dessertdownload
  • 24.House Party [Rich People]download
  • 25.A Drop in The Ocean (feat. Ron Pope, Kanye West, & Eminem)download
  • 26.Cruisin Rollin (interlude)download
  • 27.Home Run (feat. Chevy Woods)download
  • 28.Reefer Party (feat. Chevy Woods & Neako)download
  • 29.Real Estate (feat. Drake)download
  • 30.The Cruisedownload
  • 31.Proceed (feat. Big Sean & Curren$y)download
  • 32.Taylor Hoedownload
  • 33.G’d Updownload
  • 34.My Favorite Song (feat. Juicy J)download
  • 35.Never Been Part 2 (feat. Amber Rose & Rick Ross)download
  • 36.Die Today (feat. Chevy Woods & Neako) [prod. by Dj C-Rich]download
  • 37.Hustlindownload
  • 38.Mary Jane (Mary 3x) [prod. by D jC-Rich]download
  • 39.Make The Floor Shakedownload
  • 40.Outrodownload
  • 41.When I’m Gone Remix [BONUS TRACK]download

the mixtape “Nastradoomus Vol. 2” really excites me because as i mentioned before, i reallly love Nas, and MF DOOM, and this is the best of both worlds because this mixtape has both in them. Nas’ great flow and MF DOOM’s intensity really stands out  and they really go great together.


1.The Flyest Angeldownload

  • 2.Street Dreamsdownload
  • 3.No Ideas Originaldownload
  • 4.One Lovedownload
  • 5.What Goes Arounddownload
  • 6.You Wont See Me Tonightdownload
  • 7.Hate Me Nowdownload
  • 8.Its Minedownload
  • 9.I Candownload
  • 10.It Aint Hard To Telldownload

Daft Punk is a very interesting duo and they are a techno group. they have some of their tracks on the hit movie “Tron”, and are just great, i listen to them all the time, and their beats, rhythm and intensity of their music really makes you want to jump up out of your seat and just fist pump. it is and adrenaline rush no doubt.

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  • Track Name

    Platinum Chanel

  • Album

    From The Westside, With Love II

  • Artist

    Dom Kennedy

Platinum Channel - Dom Kennedy

"Take yo’ moment and make it our moment
We don’t ask for nothin’ from our opponent”

On Dom’s  first major release From The Westside With Love, Part II Dom Kennedy is poised to blaze the mainstage, while staying true to the streets of Leimart Park. A cool summertime vibe which everybody loves if you ask me. Listen and vibe too it!

"With love on my mind and fire in my heart, they can never take us apart…"

Download Link:


1.Dom’s Prayer [prod. K Roosevelt]

2. Grind’n [prod. Cardo]

3. When I Come Around [prod. Unknown]

4. Come Over [prod. The Futuristiks]

5. She Ain’t In Love [prod. The Futuristiks]

6. Money Don’t Stop [prod. Chromatix]

7. O.P.M. [prod. Drewbyrd & Polyester]

8. Platinum Chanel [prod. Nick Cage]

9. I Love Dom [prod. Cardo]

10. The Ways [prod. THC]

11. Mr Champagne Intermission (ft. Polyester) [prod. Swiff D]

12. Ice Cream Truck [prod. K Roosevelt]

13. New Jeeps (ft. Asher Roth x Mikey Rocks) [prod. Chuck Inglish]

14. 2MPH (ft. Big K.R.I.T) [prod. The Futuristiks]

15. Beats, Hoes & Rhymes (ft. Casey Veggies & Schoolboy Q) [prod. Champagne Click]

16. Dream To Me [prod. Scoop Deville]

17. Graduate [prod. HellagooD]

  • Track Name

    A Certain Romance

  • Album

    Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

  • Artist

    Arctic Monkeys

Arctic Monkeys - A Certain Romance

Well over there there’s friends of mine

What can I say, I’ve known ‘em for a long, long time

And they might overstep the line

But you just cannot get angry in the same way”

Arctic Monkeys are an English Indie Rock band. Formed in 2002 in High Green. The band currently consists of Alex Turner (lead vocals, lead/rhythm guitar), Jamie Cook (rhythm/lead guitar), Nick O’Malley (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Matt Helders (drums, backing vocals). All four band members play to make a wonderful album called "Beneath the Boardwalk" tune in and peep the vibes!

Download Link:


1. A Certain Romance 
2. Bigger Boys and Stolen Sweethearts 
3. Choo Choo 
4. Cigarette Smoke
5. Dancing Shoes
6. Fake Tales of San Francisco
7. Knock a Door Run 

8. Mardy Bum 
9. On the Run From the MI5 
10. Riot Van 
11. When the Sun Goes Down 
12. Still Take You Home 
13. Wavin’ Bye to the Train or Bus 
14. From the Ritz to the Rubble 
15. Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor 

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